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Old 07-31-2010
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Default Musing

Somehow I can't help feeling very disappointed about the lack of response on this website dedicated to us MarCads..

We were, and are still, a unique bunch of fly guys in the Corps. The period that the program was active produced a diverse group of people.

We are slowly fading away into the sunset flying westward never to RTB.

I would love to connect with some of those that I went through flight training with and anyone else that went through the MarCad program to share sea stories over a beer or two.. It was a highlight of my life then and remains so with a lot of fond memories..

I'm riding motorcycles right now to keep myself alive and to have a reason to get up in the morning. There has got to be others out there who have a passion or two in life who can share their experiences others.

Guess I've rattled on long enough..Just hoping that maybe someone might log on and start a thread or two about something that they could share with fellow MarCads..

Semper Fi, Cadets..

Roy Crane, Class 25-60..
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