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Old 01-26-2009
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Unhappy Old Issues revisited MS Multiple Sclerosis and the Veterans

Received from one of our brother MarCads that has been battling multiple diseases one of which being MS. The articles are old but there has been a new push for more money for the study of the problem.

The first link is from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and yes, it is from September 28, 2005.

The next link is to the "First Gulf War Health Problems" and yes it is dated Dec. 15, 2007.

and the third link is to the website of National Multiple Sclerosis Society and it is a two page PDF document.

if the last one doesn't download a PDF file.... then go here:

or go to and type in the search window

"multiple sclerosis research funding in the congressionally directed medical research programs"

and it should be the very first article


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